The Process

What's going to happen during our experience

We’re going to have fun!

Prior to the Session:

  • Ideally we will have completed our pre-session consultation a few days before your session so we are clear about goals, expectations and all the details.  This will make the day of the session much more relaxed for pet and humans.

  • It is important for you to feel comfortable with me and my style to ensure you get the quality images you expect.  Have questions?  Ask away!

  • We will discuss our energy we will have during the session.  Being calm , relaxed and patient will help make the day enjoyable for both your pet and for you. We are going to process at your pets pace, so let’s have fun and allow me to capture the amazing relationship you have with your pet.  If it takes us 3 times to circle your pet around and get that perfect "sit" then that's what it takes, it's OK!

  • I am going to talk with you pet when I arrive.  Yes, for real. I'm a big believer in communicating to your pet and letting them know they are safe, you are safe, and with some brave work on their part during the session, we will have a blast.  When your pet tell me she's ready, we will begin.

At the Session:

  • I will arrive at the location we’ve agreed to spend our time.  Depending on the session booked, you may expect our time together to last an hour or two, as I will spend a good amount of time at the start getting to know your pet and allowing them to feel comfortable with me and with the camera.  Most likely we will not spend the full time shooting, as much time will be to let your pet settle and get used to me and the environment, which will provide the opportunity for creating the best images.

  • For the dog only shots, I may ask you assist guiding your dog.  I will use various noises, tricks, positive reinforcement and lastly treats to help your pet’s personality shine through. For images that include humans, we will provide some direction so we will end up with images that you will feel good about as well. You do want to look good too, don’t you? I encourage you to bring your pets favorite treats and a toy, as they make great rewards after the session is over. I will use treats as a last resort with your pets, and will always ask you prior to giving your pet any treats, to ensure we do not have any issues with sensitive tummies or food allergies. Try not to laugh too hard at me while I make my peculiar noises that are (sometimes) guaranteed to give us that amazing head tilt!

  • There is also an opportunity on the pre-session questionnaire to identify any issues of which I should be aware to help our day run smoothly. Throughout, we will be patient together, and take the time it takes to ensure your pet is comfortable and secure.

  • Most importantly, while we're working together, after we get 'the shot' remember to give your furry buddy PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE!!  They did all the hard work and nothing reinforces the bond like lots of love and praise from their humans!

After the Session:

  • A week or two after the session, we will meet again either in your home or mutually agreeable location where I will reveal your proofs and check them out together!  I will  answer any questions you may have.

  • I also will bring product samples with me so you can touch and hold products in your hand and you can place your order. I will have prints of various sizes so we can hold up the actual print on the wall and see how well it fits your space - is "16x24" too small or too large for your space? Is the 8x12 album right for you or do you prefer the 13x10? We will figure it out together.

  • If there is a specialty item you have always wondered about or wanted, let me know, I’m sure I can find it for you if it is not listed on our product menu.

  • AFter you place you order, I will personally create your prints up to 16x20 and facilitate your order of specialty items with leading labs...and about 3 weeks later we'll meet again so I can hand off your beautiful bespoke items!

There is no minimum purchase required, although we observe that most clients budget a minimum of $600 for their total experience.  I offer 4 Collections, please contact me for details - purchase of a collection enables a 20% discount on other a la carte items purchased.  Or if you prefer, prints or products may be purchased a la carte.

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